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Welcome to Christian Religion Web Site!

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Learn about God, the Bible and Christianity.

Do I really want to go to heaven?

What must I do to be saved? How to become a Christian.

What is true worship? Am I worshipping God as He commands?

Where should I worhip? Where is the truth being preached?

Apostasy - Can I lose my salvation or once saved always saved?

What is the sinners prayer and can it save me?

Does Holy Spirit baptism save us?

Does water baptism save us? Is baptism necessary for salvation?

Is water baptism by sprinkling or full immersion?

What about the thief on the cross?

Is faith all I need to go to heaven? Faith only?

Are there really false teachers in the world today?

What are demoninations and why are there so many?

How can I know the truth about the Bible?

What is the church and how did it get started?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

Is Calvinism a false doctrine?

Did God Foreordain everything that comes to pass?

How should Christians dress?

Is the public beach and public swimming a sin?

Why does Christianity seem so confusing?

These questions and more are answered straight from the Word of God!

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